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If there is one thing the Gen Zs and millennials are undeniably obsessed with, it would have to be talks on zodiac signs. But did you know there is another way to peek into the future? Forget about horoscopes for a while–these IG accounts could read tarot cards for you.

/ 22 February 2021

There are many ways to relate to somebody. It could be a funny encounter that both of you experienced the same way, a scary or bizarre story, or a talk about zodiac signs. A lot of Gen Zs and millennials today are undeniably obsessed with astrology

Astrology or the method of predicting events based on the position of celestial bodies, and constellations, has been practiced since ancient times. 

But in more modern times, people have introduced a more creative way of forecasting the future–tarot card reading.

Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to predict what will happen in the future. On typical occasions, a deck of tarot cards is presented and the person draws one card from the deck. The drawn cards will then be used to determine the ‘universe’s message’.

The popularity of tarot card reading is evident in the busy streets of Quiapo, Manila, where tents are huddled together to offer fortune telling services.

But since the COVID-19 quarantine began, a lot of people opted to have their fortunes told online. 

Here’s a list of local Instagram accounts that offer their tarot card readings online: 

Imaginariumtarot (@imaginariumtarot)

Siargao-based tarot reader CJ Francisco is one of the consultants certified by the Mysterim Philippines, one of the country’s leading institutions for tarot readings.

As of this writing, Francisco offers his tarot reading services for 2021. Francisco prefers to answer the “hows, whats, and whys” instead of giving a bland “yes or no” answer. His cards could also tell how a person can improve his or her present life.

If you’re interested, you may check out Francisco’s official Instagram account, or fill out this form.

Photo via IG: imaginariumtarot


Tarot Page Philippines (@tarotpagephilippines)

Tarot Page Philippines offers online card reading for free on YouTube. As of this post, the account has already garnered more than 3,000 subscribers. Tarot Page Philippines’ readings mostly revolve on zodiac signs.

Photo via IG: tarotpagephilippines


Practical Magic (@practical_magical)

Got questions regarding your energy and personal life? Practical Magic can answer those for you. For P2,000 you can ask three questions or issues you want to lift off of your back.

If you’re confused about making a certain decision, Practical Magic can also help you with that for P1,000.

Photo via IG: practical_magical


At the end of the day, tarot readings and astrology are mere guides. If you are battling mind-boggling problems, or dealing with mental health issues, it is always safer to consult medical professionals.