/ 12 October 2020

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines’ Office of the Student Regent called for an academic break for the mental well-being of the faculty and students.

“We strongly echo the call of the students of the University of the Philippines to immediately set an academic break for both students and faculty for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being,” it said on a Facebook post.

It explained that the academic break will give students a breather, especially those struggling with their academic work.

“A short break would allow the UP constituency to breathe from the burnout massively experienced by so many due to the remote learning set-up,” it said.

A brief break would also provide the opportunity to reassess and recalibrate the semester across the UP system. The university will have time to address the immediate needs of the UP community.

“These include the promised learning and financial assistance program that is yet to fully materialize for all, the heavy workload among students and faculty, the necessary adjustments in our syllabi and course programs, etc.,” it added.

The student body called on the school administration to take action now for the welfare of students.

“With the insistence of the university to proceed with remote learning, it is only just that we are heard and that our demands are met. We firmly call on the UP administration to take action now,” it said.

“Academic break muna tayo, UP! Ensure safe, free, accessible, quality education!” it added.