The heightening pandemic statics and protocols brought a great impact to volleyball squads announcing skipping national tryouts.

/ 18 May 2021

It has been more than a year since the pandemic has started. Nevertheless, the masses have never been accustomed to how to maneuver life with it. Most especially in the sports community.

Volleyball phenomenon, Alyssa Valdez and star setter, Jia Morado, Jovelyn Gonzaga, and other lists of stars begged off the tryouts organized in Subic by the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF). Letters have been presented to inform their declination.

Notwithstanding their decisions of refusal, tryouts have still pushed through and other players showed up in the bubble. National team captain Aby Marano and middle blocker Majoy Baron were committed to participating in the bubble.

We all know that the risks to health and safety will always be the main concern. As well as we will never know when or will there be a better and safer circumstance to stage such tournaments. Still, it is discouraging to see that these star players were not able to make it to the tryouts.

Sports enthusiasts have been waiting for the Philippine team to be completed by the country’s top-tier netballers. We have seen how these players run their courts. But honestly, them not being able to join the tryouts opens more opportunities and chances to others.

It was challenging for the players to choose between representing the county and personal health. But I strongly believe that giving away their slot will pave the way for the other players with great potential. And maybe a better resolution for the Philippine Volleyball.

Besides, I think this will be a better chance to spot and breed the next generation Filipino athletes that will carry the torch of the Philippines over the next years. 

Being able to play sports at any level brings immense impact and delight to the athletes. And with that, tournaments are made to give equal opportunity for the players. That is why senior athletes making their move to give their slots to younger and equally deserving players might not be a bad thing. Moreover, a more youthful pool is also worthy to prove their expertise inside the court.

With PNVF prioritizing players with high performance and conditions, I trust that the federation will choose the players fit for the team. Bubble tryouts should focus on the deserving players and not to those ineffective players just to complete the squad.

Even though the SEA Games veterans missed the tryouts, and players lack conditioning because of the long-drawn-out inactivity due to the global pandemic, I still support transparency and fairness when it comes to picking the national team squad.

Whatever decisions it will turn out, the national team deserves the amount of support from the people even without the big names attached in the team sport.