/ 29 January 2022

THE PROVINCIAL  government of Mountain Province warned the public against an anonymous invitation to join military training for students.

It issued the warning after receiving an invitation addressed to students.

The text message said that recruits should gather at the provincial plaza on Saturday for the start of the training.

“To our children who may have received such message, please ignore the text message and advise your peers that the message is a prank. We do not know the motive of the person/s behind the circulating text message. DO NOT HEED THE INVITATION,” the provincial government wrote on its Facebook page.

“If ever the military or the police or their school connections will recruit students for such, all information will be contained in formal letters addressed to your respective school authorities for proper dissemination and guidance,” it added.

There is no mandatory military training policy but it is being pushed by vice presidential aspirant Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.