/ 17 May 2021

THE UNIVERSITY of Asia and the Pacific Chorale was declared the winner in the 3rd Bandung Choral Society World Virtual Choir Festival.

It bested five other contenders in the mixed choir category after posting a final score of 91.1 percent.

The group also received a special award for Outstanding Virtual Artistry.

UA&P Chorale music director Anna Abeleda-Piquero encouraged fellow Filipinos to remain optimistic and continue honing their skills amid the pandemic.

Abeleda-Piquero said there are several ways to “keep the music alive” despite restrictions on public movement due to the pandemic.

“We are Filipinos. We have been thrown so much challenges, such as earthquakes, floods, storms, and droughts in our lifetime. Yet we always came up alive and kicking. We are known for our ability to survive and adapt and come up smiling amidst troubles. Why would we let such a tiny, microscopic virus stop us from being who we are? It is just a matter of adapting again,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Central Luzon State University Maestro Singers also bagged the gold medal after earning 83.35 percentage points.

The CLSU Maestro Singers’ music video was also the most viewed entry for the friendship concert.