The management of TNC Predator cleared the issue about abolishing its Dota team after rumors spread on social media.

/ 16 September 2021

A statement from the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Owner Eric Redulfin on Wednesday said that the company is now set to build a new roster.

This came after the management announced the departure of its whole roster on Monday, noting that the players decided to part ways.

“As the previous roster of Tims, Armel, Gabbi, Bok, and Boomy foes into free agency, the journey of TNC Predator Dota 2 goes on. We have achieved many things during their stay, but this is not the end of our story. We are here to stay and continue to pursue the [ever-elusive] Aegis of the Immortal,” Redulfin said.

“Rebuilding the team will never be easy and, despite this being our biggest hurdle yet, the Phoenix will work its way to rise again and compete in the highest level,”  he added.

Several fans speculated that TNC decided to demolish its Dota division and focus on the popular mobile games that are spurting.

The team decided to part ways after failing to qualify to The International 10 in Romania in October.