Thirdy Ravena carried off his promise to bring support to the Filipino boxer Eumir Marcial and sent shoes, supplements in preparation for his Tokyo bid.

/ 22 May 2021

Marcial shared on his social media account his gratitude towards Thirdy after receiving a pair of Nike training shoes, two large bottles of whey, and eight small bottles of vitamins.

“Received this package today from idol, @3rd_e Ravena! I want to thank Thirdy for taking the time to provide me this new pair of shoes and some supplements which will be very helpful for my training for the Olympics,” Marcial stated.

“Support even as simple as these can be very significant and is capable of boosting our morale as athletes. This stands as a proof that support need necessarily not to be in the form of money and that sometimes, as simple as a message of support could already go a long way. Mabuhay ka idol,” he added.

Ravena reached out to Marcial a few days after revealing that the 43,000 pesos financial support from the Philippine Sports Commission would not suffice the needs of a player.

“Good luck boss!” Thirdy said on Instagram.

Marcial will represent the country in the Summer Games along with Nesthy Petecio, Irish Magno, and Carlo Paalam.

Nonetheless, PSC and the Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines rebutted that Marcial has been receiving what is due for his needs to triumph in Tokyo.