“The Boss” Thoss bids farewell from Alaska Aces

Alaska Aces will restart the Season this coming October without Sonny Thoss as he exits the league after 15 years of playing.

/ 21 September 2020

Thoss’ retirement came to no surprise to all as he was on the brink of letting loose his jersey amidst the pandemic. 

Back then, everything was still uncertain but there’s already a possibility.

It was last month where Thoss was reported to leave the team after his contract with the Aces ended mid-way 2020, but his management gave him some time to decide over it.

“If there is still COVID-19, Sonny will not play. His concern is his family and the management (of Alaska) understands that,” said the source.

According to the Team Board Governor and Manager Richard Bachmann, though The Boss is now retired, Thoss still has to be included in the PBA list of free agents.

Definitely, Thoss was not called “The Boss” for no reason.

He started his PBA-career in 2004 being the fifth overall pick of the Aces and since then, painted in the crowd of what he got under his sleeves.

Thoss was a 12-time All-Star, 4-time PBA Mythical Second Team, 3-time PBA champion, 2-time PBA Mythical First Team, and a recipient of the Sportsmanship award.

However, Thoss was more than the titles and awards. 

Alaska coaches past and present said what made him special was the attitude and work ethic he has manifested in his entire career.

“One of my all-time favorites,” said Barangay Ginebra coach Tim Cone, who drafted Thoss for Alaska in 2004. 

He added that Thoss is one of those he had fun coaching if not, the most as he described.