ILOCOS Norte 2nd District Rep. Angelo Marcos Barba has filed a bill seeking the establishment of Ilocos Norte Sports Institute and Research or INSPIRE.

/ 27 April 2021

In pushing for House Bill 9062, Barba said that there should be a sports academy in their province which shall be constituted as an exclusive educational facility for a special program of sports, sports tract, and primary and indigenous sports development and training center as well as a research center for sports medicine and nutrition for athletes. 

He explained that sports programs facilitated the enhancement of leadership skills and the promotion of the moral, physical, mental, and social well-being of the youth. 

“It is through sports programs and activities that they learn the value of sportsmanship and teamwork,” Barba said in his explanatory note.

The solon further said that through INSPIRE, the Ilocano youth shall have an enhanced secondary education program with a curriculum specially designed for student-athletes. 

House Bill 9062 also includes a research center devoted to sports medicine and nutrition of athletes.

The bill also mandates the provincial government of Ilocos, in coordination with the Philippine Sports Commission to take necessary steps to upgrade, improve and modernize existing facilities, equipment, and personnel and integrate them into the newly created INSPIRE.

The local government, with the help of PSC will also create necessary training programs and competitions, as well as the system by which the facilities shall be maintained and managed.

Once enacted into law, the secretary of Education shall immediately include in the Department’s programs the operation of INSPIRE, especially the funding which will be included in the annual General Appropriations Act.