Omega Esports gained the lead in the Dota Pro Circuit SEA Qualifiers Group B with a score of 5-1 after a 1-1 tied score with Army Geniuses and 2-0 with ZeroTwo on best of two, both teams coming from Indonesia.

/ 11 January 2021

Omega vs Army Geniuses- Game 1

Smart Omega has on their side cml’s Phoenix, Bok’s Brewmaster, Boomy’s Vengeful Spirit, Tino’s Wraith King, and Mac’s Ember Spirit. 

While Army Geniuses was gunned by you, K’s Grimstone, MamangDaya’s Doom, Jozenzi’s Earth Spirit, db’s Riki, and Gameday’s Timbersaw.

Geniuses’ Jozenzi drew first blood by killing Omega Tino’s Wraith King with the support coming from Earth Spirit. And Omega being left behind decided for a joint force to a 3-1 man clash, defeating Timbersaw followed by Grimstone, 4-4.

But Geniuses did not falter as their net worth continued to increase easily for them to defeat the Omega after 20 minutes on the game, 22-17.

In the end, the Indonesia-squad dominated Omega with a piled score of 58-29 that lasted for 43 minutes.

With db leading his team with 19 kills, 4 deaths, and 21 assists followed by Gameday with 18, 5, 25 K/D/A.

Omega vs Army Geniuses- Game 2

The aggrieved Omega chose Keeper of the light, Bristback, Sand King, Shadow Shaman, Templar Assassin played by cml, Tino, Bok, Boomy, and Mac, respectively.

And the victorious Army Geniuses plumped for IO, Tusk, Shadow Demon, Legion Commander, and Silencer controlled by db, you, K., Jozenzi, Gameday, and MamangDaya, respectively.

Unlike in game one, Omega opted for aggressiveness and clashed for the early game with only 15 minutes lapsing on the battlefield, 9-10.

As such tactics, Omega did not tremble and was still able to always get a 1 point lead not until 32 minutes into the game as Army raced to score 24 leaving the former with a total of 20 kills.

Nonetheless, Omega was able to be at par with kills of 27 as the top, mid, and bot lane of the Army at that time was depressingly destroyed while Omega still had their bot lane intact.

With a heated battle, Omega Mac led the team with 19/2/8 KDA followed by Tino of 6/5/14.

Omega VS ZeroTwo- Game 1

Omega put up a field fight against ZeroTwo of Indonesia, both sitting on the stats of 3-1.

The Omega team was gunned by the heroes Pangolier of Mac, Morphling of Tino, Ogre Magi of cml, Earthshaker of Boomy, and Nature’s Prophet of Bok.

While the ZeroTwo team had their side of the heroes Undying of poloson, Bloodseeker of AfTerRain, Mirana of InyourDreaM, Faceless Void of Dreamocel, and Leshrac of ChYuaN.

ZeroTwo had the advantage on their hands after claiming the first blood of ZeroTwo’s poloson on Omega’s cml. In the early game, both teams clashed where the Omega side lost their hero Nature’s Prophet and Earthshaker, 3-1. 

The Indonesian-sqaud took over the early game with 7-4, with only 14 minutes lapsed but the PH team closed the gap as Boomy killed ChyuaN and immediately followed by the double kills of Tino’s Morphling, 7-7.

Omega continued to rain ZeroTwo with its relentless killing spree with Tino’s wicked skills one after another leaving a margin of 10 kills in the 25 minutes time frame, 21-11.

The PH team persisted with its attacks and destroyed the mid, bottom, and top barracks. They ended the game with a total death of 32-16 with Tino gaining a KDA of 16,0,6.

Omega VS ZeroTwo- Game 2

In game two, Omega chooses the heroes IO, Void Spirit, Brewmaster, Puck, and Slardar, of Tino, Mac, Bok, Boomy, and cml, respectively.

While ZeroTwo just like Omega chooses a different set of Heroes—Grimstroke, Ember Spirit, Pangolier, and Clockwerk of InyourDreaM, ChYuaN, AfTerRain, Poloson, and Dreamocel, respectively.

Dreamocel’s Clockwerk first blood Omega’s Bok but Bok’s Brewmaster plugged down InyourDream’s Grimstone. 

The only difference between Game two compared to  Game one is that the Omega team had the upper hand from the beginning and did not let ZeroTwo catch up with the scores, 11-6 of 12 minutes in the game.

ZeroTwo was not given an opportunity as Omega continued on its kills and destroying the barracks, towers with 39-13 of scores from a time frame of 30 minutes.

Later on, Omega bagged the victory as the leading team Dota Pro Circuit SEA Qualifiers Group B, sitting on a record of 5-1.