Bienvenido Marañon will only be able to gun the Azkals team in FIFA World Cup qualifiers on June 4, only if the naturalizing bill is to be signed by the President in which Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri has asked for some development.

/ 21 May 2021

It was last Tuesday that the basketball player Angelo Kouame has been naturalized who in fact both Kouame and Marañon underwent the process together.

“I’d just like to ask the secretariat to follow up the citizenship of Marañon. Naunahan po tayo ng taga-Ateneo, Mister President, ng kanilang basketball player,” Senator Zubiri said during the Senate session.

“I believe it’s for enrollment, maybe the secretariat can follow it up to the House so it can be signed already by all concerned.”

And referred to Senator Sonny Angara’s amendment for the reason for the delay. But rebutted as the Senator averred that, “Majority Leader (Zubiri), I object because why was the same amendment in the Kouame bill but they were able to push it?”

“I know. I know. I wonder who that backer of that bill was? Napakagaling. Napakagaling. Napabilis. Napakabilis,” Senator Zubiri refuted.

Nonetheless, Senate President Sotto responded that “I’m told it is forthcoming. It has been transmitted already by the House.”

And with such happenings, the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has openly considered the possibility of the United City striker not having the team for a few matches.

“We are facing the prospect of not having Bienve in the team for the remaining matches, considering the numerous requirements he has to comply with before he can suit up for the country,” PFF president Nonong Araneta said