"2021 will be the last year that will see teams recruit on their own. Starting next year, we will adopt a drafting system so that the weaker teams will have a chance to improve their lineups," PVL president Ricky Palou averred with the league’s plan for the rookie draft in 2022 during the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Forum.

/ 18 March 2021

With the league’s laid plans on the table as their first tournament as a professional league, the Open Conference expected to start on May 10 with 12 teams on the bracket, PVL is subsequently setting up the drafting system in 2022.

Before officially turning professional, the league’s scheme was teams are privilege to have a direct recruit and sign players. However, with the new development, teams will have their hands-off on the said matter.

“Starting next year, 2022, we will adopt a drafting system, so that the weaker teams will have a chance to improve their line-ups and be more competitive,” Palou propounded.

“Those are one of the things that we’re looking also,” he added.

While trades between teams, salary cap, and such are some of the terms that are expected to change in the new league system.

However, the trading of players as to this moment is left upon the discretion of each teams in the league.

“Trading at this point of time depends on the teams. We are also looking at proposing a salary cap,” Palou affirmed.

On the other hand, NCAA players can join the professional league after GAB’s approval and their respective schools, while UAAP players are excluded on the same case as it will forfeit their eligibility.

“The NCAA had allowed them to play sa PVL, it’s up to the schools nila na lang. We haven’t heard from the UAAP yet,” Palou concluded.

In addition, the league is planning to revitalize the V-league for the collegiate division as he shared that, “it all started it there, both men’s and women’s division.”