/ 14 September 2021

TAGUIG City will be one of the pilot areas for

In-person classes once it is allowed in the National Capital Region, the Department of Education said on Monday.

The department cited the city’s low Covid19 fatality rate and its inoculation of 1 million individuals.

In the meantime, the city government will use a combination of distance learning methods to deliver quality education to its students depending on the students’ and parents’ preferences.

Public school students, in particular, are categorized into two: Hybrid Modular Distance Learning students and Online Learning students. Ninety-five percent of the city’s public school students are under the first category. In comparison, the remaining 5 percent belong to the second category, the pilot class for implementing the Dynamic E-Learning program.

Taguig City assembled a group of expert educators and module writers from foreign and international schools to create the best quality modules for students under the Hybrid Modular Distance Learning.

Meanwhile, online learning students will use the all-new Taguig Learning Management System that will serve as the online portal for students’ academic performance, evaluation results, and assignments.

Taguig is also training its educators to acquire new and advanced multimedia and content creation skills through the city’s version 2 of the Taguig Online Resources and Community Hub Training for Teachers program. The goal is to help teachers make their lessons efficient and effective for students.

On the opening of classes on Monday, Taguig distributed New Normal Education Package to students. The package includes a bag, school uniform, P.E. uniform, raincoat, modules, supplies, emergency bag, and emergency kit.