The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) have called the attention of four esports competition promoters who held their tournaments without a permit.

/ 13 June 2021

The regulatory board reported that they are cracking down on esports tournaments that are not under their regulation.

GAB clarified on Friday during its monthly press conference that esports competitions must be permitted by the GAB and must be under its regulation being a tournament with prize money at stake, or face legal action.

The Mineski and Pillar E-Digital Commerce by Mineski Events Team, one of the promoters, was issued a show-cause order last April 20 and already received by the promoter on May 18 for continuously hosting esports events without applying for permits and licensing.

Moreover, The Annihilation by PNEL, Cosco Esports by Impetus Events Team, and the Puregold Esports Live were some competitions over the past months that were not under the supervision of GAB.

The three events were said to have a total prize fund of P910,000.

The government agency said that they have already sent to the promoters the official letters and other means that they must comply with the regulations of the government as they are considered professional competition.

“We can go through the police or the NBI to seek assistance for law enforcement,” said GAB chairman Baham Mitra.

GAB shared other competitions ranging from Mobile Legends, Dota 2, and Valorant has complied with government regulations such as ongoing and upcoming tournaments locally such as the Juicy Legends Grand Finals on June 19, and the Predator Esports Circuit from April 24 to October 10.