Ex-coach Ayo says UST players doing farming not training in Sorsogon Bubble

Former head coach Aldin Ayo claimed that he brought the Growling Tigers in Sorsogon for a farming program to help the players get a job and did not intend to conduct a basketball training program.

/ 3 October 2020

Based on the report made by the provincial government of Sorsogon which was certified by Governor Chiz Escudero, coach Ayo did not violate any quarantine protocols for he brought the UST team in his hometown for a ‘farm training program.’

It was also added on the report that players were allowed to utilize a basketball court which is enclosed inside Ayo’s house while waiting for harvest.

“It is understandable that many people will find it hard to believe that basketball players can also be engaged in farm work and training, and planting trees,” Coach Ayo said. 

Moreover, he averred that in these trying times, the 17 players he brought in Sorsogon just only wanted to continue to be productive as well as to provide a job for those players coming from a not-so well off families.

“But if it is the truth, then it is. For truth is stranger than fiction,” included in his full statement posted by UST student publication, The Varsitarian.

“Come to my house and farm in Capuy, Sorsogon and see for yourself,” he continued.

UAAP sanctioned him for “endangering the health and well-being of the student-athletes under his charge when he conducted the training during a government-declared state of public emergency intended to arrest the COVID-19 outbreak.”

In line with this, the decorated-mentor is hoping for the reversal of UAAP’s decision with regard to his indefinite ban.

“…these pertinent matters, if properly considered, may significantly alter the decision of the UAAP board,” Coach Ayo said.