/ 8 December 2020

YOUTH Act Now Against Tyranny expressed support for Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate who was among those tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte a communist.

“We stand with Cong. Zarate as he faces attacks from the current administration and from President Duterte himself,” the group said.

“Malinaw naman kung bakit inaatake ni Duterte si Cong. Zarate: takot si Duterte sa oposisyon na tumitindig laban sa mga anti mamamayang patakaran niya,” it added.

Zarate has been supportive of bills and resolutions that seek to benefit students and the youth.

He had also questioned schemes that endanger the lives and future of the youth, such as the war on drugs and crackdown on dissenters.

“The truly pro-people voting record and performance of Cong. Zarate, and the rest of Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives, make him a threat to the incompetent and negligent government we have,” the group said.

Duterte had claimed that the groups that make up the Makabayan bloc at the House of Representatives are legal fronts of the Communist Party of the Philippines.