“It's been a couple of weeks already and I've sort of just rested and done rehab exercises with Coach Dex [Aseron], our PT, so it's in good shape now," Dwight Ramos shared in SPIN Zoom In livecast, noting that he’s ready for next Gilas Pilipinas bubble.

/ 9 July 2021

Dwight also shared how he felt the injury right before the first game in Korea and how he just injured it.

“It’s been a couple of weeks already since the Korea game and that’s where I hurt it,” Ramos shared.

“In the first Korea game, I actually felt something but I thought it was just soreness. But then in the second game [against Korea], I just jumped in and I felt something in my leg. There was only like three minutes left and I just finished the game. That night, I started feeling it. It was just giving me trouble.” 

Due to the pain, the 6-foot-4 guard missed out on the friendly tune-up game against China and the last two games facing Serbia and Dominican Republic.

“Right after I heard it, it was kind of hard to walk and open my legs. And then being cramped on the plane, it kinda didn’t really help too much with that, and it took a little longer than I expected,” he said.

Nevertheless, Ramos assured that he is ready to go for the next Gilas bubble in preparation for the 2021 Fiba Asia Cup in August.

“I should be ready for the next bubble already pretty soon, so I should be good to go.”