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Is e-gaming the new sports today?

‘First Blood’ and ‘The enemy has been slain’ are just a few words to name compared to numerous famous lines in the world of e-games. Who would have thought that online games would take the world of sports by storm?

/ 29 September 2020

You see, sports is the combination of competition, athleticism, and intellectual ability, those moments of taking place in stadiums and hearing the crowd shout for your name or if not, having die-hard fanatics cheer as they call your name.

Also, the yell of the crowd while standing in the stadium as oneself is about to receive the MVP award is what defines sports.

Before you think of the word sports, you think that it was all about getting sweaty as hell while in the court and spending your day into an upright-day training session or inside the gym.

However, as the world progresses, so does human creativity and the advancement of technology gives a new birth of sports.

It was 1972 where it all began, where Stanford University conducted the first-ever world e-sports tournament, the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics. Since then, the invention of consoles, video games, and arcades became more prevalent.

As these e-games dominate, the world coincides with the idea, but more of the fact that online games are the new breed of sports today.

You’ll be surprised to see people being a millionaire for being a Dota player, Mobile Legends player, and so on. Add to the list the thousands of streamers and profiting over it by just playing. 

Moreover, online gaming can be perceived as a hobby for being influenced by some of the prominent players in e-sports.

So, for the younger generation, being in a sport does no longer revolves entirely on the traditional way of being physical.

Accept it that e-games is now a sport. It does not even differ an inch to the traditional sports as online gaming checks all the requirements for being called to be one. 

It is not all about having a fast-hand, somewhat more complex of that. That anyone can only imagine.

And to prove my point here, winning is always interconnected to practicing, which was already established by legendary players in every field of sports—basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, you name it. 

They practice and practice until they could no longer feel their body to achieve the name they’ve got, which was also reasonably accurate enough to e-sports gamers, playing and practicing until perfecting a new move or strategy. 

So if you still think that e-sports is not one to consider then you are on the wrong page. 

One must recognize the enemy before him because definitely, e-sports will be the most significant rival of traditional sports leagues.