Student Vox


/ 23 August 2021

During this time of pandemic, student leaders face various challenges. The situation became harder and projects were somehow limited to be established. Now, a new set of leaders has accepted the key of responsibility and mastered up the courage to lead during this time where the people need us the most. The Senior High Student Government of La Consolacion College Bacolod continues to render their service to the student body and the community. The council is headed by their president – Jan Andrew A. Gelera.

Despite Gelera being part of the council during his Junior High School years up until now, he was still a bit hesitant to run for the highest position. However, his passion for service and knowing that he can render help to the people became his motivation. Now, the SHSG became one of the platforms for him to start initiatives and bring hope to others.

“I believe that as a council, it would not work without trusting and understanding your constituents. That’s why before we started any project, we first had our team-building and leadership training. We also conducted meetings to prepare for our upcoming projects and gave opinions on making them better and feasible.” said Gelera

He and his team are doing their best to make sure that they would be able to create an impact, most especially during the incoming Academic Year 2020 to 2021.

“One thing that I really want to implement is to hold a SOGIE session with the student body. I specified during my election speech the importance of having and creating a safe space for all. That’s why during my term, I’ll do my very best to create an inclusive space and an avenue for everyone to express themselves freely, without any sense of fear or remorse.” Gelera further added

Gelera continues to listen to the voices of the students and consider their working environment. He believes that nothing is an easy task to do but with the help of his officers, they will become a team who will represent the voice of the students.

Indeed, the pandemic is just another challenge for student leaders to conquer. It will not be a barrier for them to be a helping hand for others, the fire of passion inside our heart for service will always make its way for us to take action.