Student Vox


/ 21 January 2022

As we all know, COVID-19 was indeed a planet killer but there is another slayer that the world must be more cautious of. In the Philippines, a lot of citizens criticize the works of the government when it comes to implementing specific health protocols but they forgot to look in front of the mirror. There are still lots of Filipinos who don’t want to get vaccinated but are hard-headed when it comes to adapting to the new normal. I am a Filipino citizen and I asked myself twice, “Am I disciplined enough as a Filipino citizen? Will I bring honor or shame to my country?” 

This thought crowded my mind which led me to a conclusion: ‘I think what my fellow citizens need most right now is DISCIPLINE, vaccine comes secondary.’ You might be raising your eyebrows as you keep on reading but have you ever noticed that whenever other countries implement something, be it an ordinance or a mere regulation, all hands were raised ready to be in support. However, in the Philippines, it is where we most lack. 

If simple instructions would not be followed, what more if it went critical? You might see several individuals walking side by side, hand in hand even if physical distancing must be observed. You might even see someone with a face mask below the nose who does not wear any face shield at all. You might also see a mass gathering along the street which is strictly prohibited. That’s when I began to observe the crazy mentality of people nowadays. 

If the government tells us to do this, we do the opposite. What would we gain from that? Then, we’ll complain saying “Why do we need to follow all these? The United States of America are more advanced and some of them do not even wear the mask and the shield.” You know why? Aside from being disciplined, they know the consequences if they did not follow. They think in advance but you prefer to realize when it’s late. Why not stop blaming the government with your own faults? 

We victimize and paralyze our country if we stick with the same mentality.

However, for someone to trust the government, the government must know how to be trusted as well. To be able to convince the people to get vaccinated, convince them first on how to discipline themselves because it isn’t fair to waste a dose on someone who is careless and unappreciative. Keep in mind that no one is coming to help us other than ourselves.

Recently, the new Omicron variant rose up to the table weakening the country’s health resources due to a sudden surge of Covid-19 cases. Before 2022 entered, a lot of people still seem to not have placed a barrier between their accustomed social life and the life without assurance which we currently have. 


  1. Masks aren’t enough to keep you safe, but it’s a vital step in reducing transmission and saving lives. Wearing of fitted face masks by health experts is highly recommended. However, vents or exhalation valves on masks are not recommended since it enables unfiltered air to escape. 
  2. Maintain physical distancing. 
  3. Avoid congested, confined, and close-contact areas.
  4. Ensure that enclosed spaces are well ventilated.
  5. Hands should be washed often, and sneezes and coughs should be covered with tissue.
  6. Face shields can be worn whenever necessary and it depends on the person who will use it. 

These are only a few of the Covid-19 guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO), but it will only appear useless if one refuses to comply. 

Instead of noticing the wrong in others, prioritize self-assessment. 

Why not try to look at ourselves in front of the mirror? Aren’t we one of them? We are the ones who disobey, complain and criticize without being aware of our own deficiency. 

So, do me a favor and avoid embarrassing yourself even more. Try making improvements and be responsible for your actions. If you disobey simple rules, never complain about the suffering it has caused you because not only does it make you stupid but it makes you unreasonable as well. If you start making a difference, you’ll help your country be a better place to cope up with. 

Still, if you choose not to discipline yourself, then your county is gravely ashamed of you.