Student Vox


/ 10 January 2022

Change is inevitable. For us to survive in this world, we must learn to adapt.

The scent of chicken lugaw fills the air. Rays of sunshine burst through the torn tarpaulins that hang on top of a shed as 6 AM passes. Devoured, hungriness has been.

As Richard Whately said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” But why do most people choose to be dead-slept on facts that keep them aware of the truth?

Filipino citizens nationwide are suffering from different types of conditions – from natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes, to societal problems like poverty and inequality. Many people have passed away due to these circumstances. But a ray of light shines above them. Some people call her “VP”, others call her “Lugaw”, but her name is Leni.

Despite the Office of the Vice President’s meager budget, she and her team still manage to help thousands of people. A great example of her work is the program she named “Angat Buhay.” The objective of the program is to alleviate poverty in a community by mobilizing public and private organizations and individuals to capacitate key sectors such as the urban poor, women, disaster-affected families, and the youth (Antonio, 2021). Through this program, our Vice President Leni has restored one thing these people almost lost for having a better life – hope. According to an article from Inquirer.Net written by reporter Gabriel Pabico Lalu, the Angat Buhay program has helped more than 155,000 families in its first two years of sailing. Some might say that it is far from the whole population of Filipino citizens in the Philippines, but slow progress is still progress.

The world isn’t what it seems. Life is not always all cupcakes and rainbows, as Branch from the Trolls movie said. But if we ever encounter these situations, always put in mind what we can do to help. Look for the beauty in it, assess what you can use to help others, and use it to stop the cycle. Feeling pity for them won’t be enough. Some action must be taken. Luckily, Leni is on her way, working.

One vote can affect the lives of millions of Filipinos. Choosing the wrong candidate to be entrusted with a high position can lead to the fall of a nation.

“The last man standing is a woman.” – Leni Robredo.