Student Vox


/ 30 October 2020

“To enlighten the youth through promoting and treasuring the Filipino Identity in popularizing different art forms by making known the talents of our Kapwa Filipinos.”

This is the vision that the organization, Agtan, hopes to turn into action.

Agtan is a  youth-led, non-profit, non-governmental organization led by a couple of De La Salle University Integrated School-Manila students which was formed merely as part of their requirement for their Media and Information Literacy Class, however, due to the urgency of this matter, they decided to turn a simple requirement into an organization that could open the minds and hearts of millions of Filipinos.

Agtan, an Igorot term meaning “to give”, was used by the organization to symbolize their way of giving recognition to the local artists as well as giving much-needed aid to the least, the lost, and the last.

The organization was founded last September 2020 by DLSU SHS students namely Bea Antiporda, Audrey Juanengo, Alleiah Malaluan, and Rona Martin who are currently the Executive Director, Co-Executive Director, Content Creations Department Director, and the Project Management Department Director of the organization, respectively.

“Actually, Agtan was an information campaign that we needed to fulfill for our MIL class, wherein we focused on the culture from the Cordillera Administrative Region, however, when the campaign had come to an end, we decided to go for it and pursue it as an organization but this time recognize the culture of the Philippines as a whole,” says Antiporda.

HUMSS students from De La Salle University Integrated School- Manila were required to conduct an information campaign as part of their requirement for their Media and Information Literacy class, wherein some of the campaigns also continued to fight for their advocacies and pursue as an organization– Agtan is one of them.

“ We have noticed how timely our advocacy is– to make known the local talents of our kapwa Filipinos and to give back to those in need. Especially in a time like this wherein colonial mentality continuously takes a toll on us in identifying our Filipino Identity as well as the dire urgency needed to make collaborative efforts to give back to those in need, “ says Juanengo.

With their recent launch last October 18, 2020, they have opened committee positions for those who want to take part in their advocacy efforts and popularize Filipino culture while giving back to those in need.

With the passion to serve and the ability to become one with the voices of the youth, Agtan believes that this is only the beginning of the change that the youth has yearned for.

Agtan hopes that more people will take part in their mission and hopefully turn their vision into action and their mission into change.