Student Vox


/ 9 November 2020

Dear Society,

We are born into your world where everything is dictated to us.

As babies we were swaddled in either pink or blue blankets.

As kids we were taught that boys were meant to play ball and girls were meant to play with dolls.

We were told that girls should be flower girls and boys ring bearers.

We were made to believe that girls should learn how to curtsey and boys learn how to bow.

Girls should never play with boys and boys should never play with girls,

For girls played neat and boys played dirty.

Boys played rough and girls can’t handle it.

Our parents taught us that girls could cry but boys shouldn’t.


Dear Society,

You seem to blame girls for being victims of rape while you blame boys to be rapists.

You believe boys are dirty and girls are to be dirtied.

Boys should be breadwinners and girls play house in their own house.

Girls are meant to wear white dresses and men black suits.

You cannot even bear to think of anything to be interchanged.

For boys and will be boys and girls should understand.


Dear Society,

This girl is not meant to be raped.

This boy is not meant to be the rapist.

This girl is not meant to wear a white gown.

This boy is not meant to just bow.

This girl is not meant to learn how to curtsey.

This boy is not meant to be dirty and snarky.

This girl is not meant to be untouched until 21.


Dear Society,

Gender stereotype is something you made up to keep us in line.

But life adapts and you should too.

This is not the 1700s this is the 21st century.

This is the time where Stereotypes should be broken.

Screw the weddings girls should always have. Let boys dream about their wedding day.

Screw the games girls are not allowed to play let them get their hands dirty and bodies bruised.

Screw the dances boys cannot do but girls can.

Screw the relationships where consent was not part of it.

Screw the pink and blue blankets.


Dear Society,

I do not hate you,

For I have learned that hate does nothing for the future.

I will however,

Teach you this

And hope that you’re medieval mind can transform into the future.

We are the change,

We are the new,

The accepting,

The loving

And the caring.


Dear Society,

In this world,

You are welcome to stay.