Letters of Youth


/ 1 November 2021

I was told not to lead with a fragile heart
Yet my brain isn’t equipped as I’ve drawn a candid art
I might appear fearless like that of a compelling gladiator
Yet I conquer each battle, now I consider myself a hostile warrior

I’ve had the courage and determination but those led to my defamation
As I stood up and fought for my right, I exposed the ones in counteraction
Yet it left quite a sting and a scar uglier than tattoos and piercings
Which made me realize how life is full of secretive and sudden swings

I squeezed my brains out as I stare across the corners of my laptop
Yet whenever I’m done, here comes another one with no intention to stop
Here I am yearning for a ‘red light’ with my overalls all ready and tough
Yet invaders of my 5-minute nap opposes in a full-blown hard-hitting rough

As I walk towards the stairs, heading to the top without a flop
I began to explode with my shoulders creeping out with a loud “POP!”
The walls and floors, tables and chairs, spoon and forks clashed with a deafening smash
Yet all I did is go back down and start climbing up again to avoid being so rash

When I saw a blinding silhouette in glitters of gold, I undoubtedly followed the trail
I asked in a whisper, “Why carry something so heavy?,” but robbers of assays shouted “HAIL!”
The critical broken bridges of my voyage made roadblocks stumble as I drew closer
Yet I’m so thrilled by the scene that has kept me deep-eyed like that of a pretty monster

I’ve become a lot more brazen focusing on the target with a pen and paper as weapon
And to my surprise, several crusaders wanted to watch how I win, but they bought a coupon
As I plunged towards my audience, I asked them, “Why would you need a discount?”
‘Am I not worthy to be paid for all the hate thrown at me?’ Still, I stood silent without count

WOAH! Would you believe that I’ve won? Yes, I’m a dark horse with a not-so-dark color
And I’m someone who hates madness and its odor for I know how to follow my core with no rumor
I may not have started with the spotlight but I chose to shine from head to toe against the light
With that, I paved my way along the red carpet owning a sweet delight