Letters of Youth


/ 19 October 2020

A child needs love like plants to need rain. When children feel unloved, they feel unsafe and insecure. Love deprivation manifests depression that builds conflicts with surrounding people and other ties.

All destructive criticisms inflicted on a child develop incapability to do anything aligned to one’s desire which automatically withholds the action to at least try every challenging situation. Instantly reacting with a churning stomach, a primary reason to think failure is what a child’s life is made of.

This results in a habitual practice that undermines self-confidence up until adolescence. Quitting instead of trying to figure out how to dwell things using their reasoning ability became inevitable after growing from an unhealthy family set-up.

Raising a child with conditional love is the root cause of unhappiness and distress as adults. The fears brought from childhood govern life and hinder all great opportunities ahead. The mindset is always keeping everything safe to avoid failure or criticism, rather than striving for goals.

By all means, if you notice it, as early as now, try to unlock that barrier to save a child’s future.

Just imagine how well he can do without any restrictions like self-limiting beliefs. Attention matters and it is a great help. Try to eliminate the negativities or try to reprogram the mental and social hard drive of a child by strengthening his inner self and embracing him with the attention, guidance, and LOVE he truly deserves.