Letters of Youth


/ 27 July 2020

Nature cannot wait.

The year seems to have been frozen in time as plans and projects are put on hold until things return to “normal”. Feeding programs, fellowships, year-end projects and turn-overs have been replaced by Zoom meetings and other online videoconferencing platforms that provide the little connection left to the outside world. When everyone is bound by protocols and curfews, Mother Nature is running out of time.

What do we do? We go green during Quarantine!

The Interact Club of Zamboanga City West, a 20-membered youth organization, advocates for the environment by creating awareness on plastic pollution, greenhouse gases and waste segregation and trying to make the youth engaged in environmental discourse. They believe that the kind of youth produced today is a direct reflection of the kind of future that we will have.


Even in the time of a pandemic, the Interact Club of Zamboanga City West challenged themselves to continue the fight against climate change and global warming. Opportunities have become limited for students as city ordinances have prohibited minors to go out to public places. Yet, they believe that when the challenges are against their favor, it is time to get creative and be involved. Opportunity. That is the only thing we need to create ripples of change in society.

Teaming up with Kids Who Farm and Zero Waste Zamboanga in order to tackle eco-solutions, the Interact Club of Zamboanga City West are pushing for urban gardening. One of their partner organizations, Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition, launched a Youth Gardening Blitz that aimed to showcase urban/home gardens, recycling/upcycling ideas and innovations.


The “Interactors” immediately set their green thumbs to work. With some garden soil, seedlings and a passion towards creating a healthier environment, the “Interactors” farmed their own gardens. They planted a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which will provide food security for their households. Eventually, the hope is that it will also influence their neighbors to do the same.

The fight to be eco-warriors is a collective process highlighting the effort of each individual. It begins to topple like dominoes and soon enough the environment will restore its balance. The Interact Club of Zamboanga City West hopes that this will serve as an inspiration to the rest of the youth to go green and help with the cause in whatever way they can.

Simple actions are puzzle pieces that help realize a bigger picture. Let us be reminded that even in isolation we serve a duty for the betterment of the world. Let us continue to grow and go green even if it means clicking the like button in an awareness blog, sharing videos about gardening or starting one yourself! As what the Interact Club of Zamboanga City West believes, there will always be a way to make any situation greater!