Letters of Youth


/ 4 February 2022

My life has been a roller coaster. I may be comfortable. I may be at the top but within a snap, my world started to crumble again. I am pummeling below, deep drowned in agony.

She used to smile sprightly. With her teeth straight, even before her braces, she was so perfect. She has this pure and kind heart that people love her so dearly. Then her smile started fading away. Her pursed lips started to wilt. Yet she continued to inspire every single person around her. Even a minute, no signs of giving up. Fighting and holding back ‘till the last drop of her strength bowed. That’s when you let go of my hand and I lost you.

Our piano was full of dust. Brushes dipped in paints beside a canvas. There are unfinished poems and paintings over there. Unpolished masterpiece scattered on the four corners. Songs with no melodies and harmony, my gaze landed on our wedding picture, the same day you and I spilled our vows with tears in front of God and in front of so many people who have fought together with us all those years and then sang our song of praises. There I saw you smiling vivaciously bringing all the hope that you’ve gathered for me that we can conquer any problems that may come. I can’t tie up the memories so much as the tears anymore realizing that we’ve got to do so many things together in that short span of time. I saw our name still carved on the sill of this room feeling so empty without you. The same room we used to fill with love and laughs for you are no more. A familiar light gentle wind kissed my pain and agony and I whispered, “Are you there love? Please take my heart and my hand again.”