Letters of Youth


/ 1 October 2021

As firm as a gemstone,
Without you, I know I’d feel so alone
My feelings for you have grown
It can even heal a broken bone

To all the butterflies eyeing on you,
How could I ever satisfy you?
I’m just a mere caterpillar
I couldn’t even bring you in front of an altar

The night has gone
The long wait is done
What will I do if I don’t run?
Is this love a game played for fun?

I guess it’s too late to say I’m on the run
Trying not to get caught by your love and come undone
I hate the thought of avoiding someone
When you turn out to be that one, my only one

My abandoned heart won’t stop hurting from being broken
Year by year, I yearn not to be forgotten
But I guess, your love would always be unwritten
Leaving all replies for my love letters unsharpened

If you have seen the man I used to be,
I hope you’ll reconsider and look for me
It isn’t too much to ask, you aren’t even indebted to me
I guess I’ll just live in an illusion made by only you and me