/ 2 May 2024

iACADEMY is proud to announce its major accomplishment in the Real Estate Brokers Licensure Examination of April 2024.

With results showing iACADEMY as the top-performing school with an impressive pass rate of 94.83 percent, iACADEMY fortifies its position as the leading institution in real estate management education.

In addition, six iACADEMY alumni have successfully passed the exam and landed in the top 10 namely:

Mary Ann Yambot Roque – Top 3, 91.25%
Davian Lee Chen – Top 4, 90.25%
Janine Angelique Ong Juanitas – Top 4, 90.25%
Enrico Francisco Yaptinchay Manalansan III – Top 4, 90.25%
Patricia Au Camota Armamento – Top 8, 89.25%
Jonathan Gabriel Pablo Agustin – Top 9, 89.00%

This is the second time that iACADEMY has bagged the top-performing school position in the Real Estate Licensure examinations, previously achieving a 93.75% pass rate in the Real Estate Appraiser Licensure Exam of 2022.

The institution has also consistently produced top-notchers in 2023, with alumni securing the 3rd and 5th place in the April 2023 Real Estate Brokers Examination exam, and the 8th and the 10th place in the September 2023 Real Estate Appraiser Licensure Exam.

“iACADEMY maintains high standards of education, offering relevant and up-to-date courses taught by experienced faculty members. Moreover, iACADEMY has strong connections with industry leaders and professionals, ensuring that the Real Estate Management program is aligned with current industry needs and trends,” said Dr. John Padua, Dean of iACADEMY’s School of Business and Liberal Arts.

“It was my eldest daughter who researched for the school where I could study. Her biggest considerations were the passing rate of students in the board exam and the overall performance of the school. These two parameters signify the quality education provided by the school, which is why I chose iACADEMY,” said Mary Ann Roque, Top 3 placer.

“Aside from that, iACADEMY has faculty with industry experience, relevant certifications, and a track record of scholarly research in real estate-related fields, providing industry connections and internship opportunities, and offering a flexible online platform program for working people,” she added.