“Call to Youth: How Young People Can Help Fight COVID-19”

/ 14 August 2020

As our country is facing its worst crisis in recent history due to the coronavirus, we need young people’s leadership now more than ever. We need the youth’s creative and innovative ideas on how to deal with this health crisis, especially during these trying times. I encourage the youth to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

There are many ways young people can contribute in addressing the pandemic. Even by simply following safety guidelines and health protocols can already be of great help to the government and our front-liners in their fight against COVID-19. Stay home as much as possible, wear a mask when going out, wash hands regularly, and observe physical distancing, among others.

Make use of your strong online presence by sharing relevant information about the symptoms, transmission, and prevention of the coronavirus. Urge others to stop circulating unconfirmed news which only causes panic and confusion. Take the lead in raising community awareness and shape initiatives that support the government’s efforts. Using various platforms, participate in dialogues and discussions to find alternative means in response to this crisis. Volunteer to COVID-19 relief programs and donate to worthy causes if circumstances allow.

As we continue to demand accountability from our leaders, we must also not forget that. More importantly, we need to work together because the government can never win this battle alone. Let us do our part in healing our country back to its safe and healthy place for the youth, and for all Filipinos.