/ 14 November 2020

TWO lawmakers at the House of Representatives filed a measure that seeks to provide additional funding for the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

House Bill 1596 aims to establish a TESDA Development Fund that will be used in awarding grants and providing assistance to training institutions, industries, and local government units.

“This House Bill seeks to encourage active participation of various concerned sectors, particularly private enterprises, being direct participants in and immediate beneficiaries of a trained and skilled workforce, in providing technical education and skills development opportunities,” 1-Pacman Partylist Representatives Michael Romero and Enrico Pineda said in their explanatory note.

They said that it is the mandate of the State to provide relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient technical education in support of the development of high quality manpower.

The fund will come from one-time lump sum appropriation from the national government; annual contribution from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Fund; donations, grants, endowments, and other bequests or gifts and any other income generated by TESDA.

Under the bill, P500 million will be appropriated as additional development funding from the National Treasury and a separate operational and organizational funding of P100 million.

Meanwhile, the President will appoint an independent review panel composed of experts to assess and review the policies and programs of TESDA.