/ 3 June 2021

THE BANGSAMORO Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education  has unveiled the new design of its new classroom facilities in line with its learning continuity plan.

The classrooms feature a modern design that can hold 76 to 86 students.

The rooms will also be equipped with two ceiling fans, six lighting fixtures and six universal outlets.

The design will be used when the ministry starts the construction of 40 classrooms.

The MBHTE said that the development is part of its initiative to enhance the education system in the region.

“[MBHTE] continuously aims to improve the educational system in the region and look into policies, programs, and activities to enhance the performance of every child and to provide essential school facilities and materials that will contribute to the child’s holistic learning,” it said on Facebook.

“One of the ministry’s 12 Point Priority Agendas is: school as a safe place for learning and development. Schools should be secure and have the appropriate facilities to encourage learning and should serve as a space where bright ideas are born, nurtured, and realized,” it added.