The continuation of Tokyo Olympics 2021 this summer with thousands of people attending the said event could cause an “Olympic” coronavirus strain, says Dr. Naoto Ueyama, the head of a Japanese doctors’ union.

/ 29 May 2021

“All of the different mutant strains of the virus which exist in different places will be concentrated and gathering here in Tokyo. We cannot deny the possibility of even a new strain of the virus potentially emerging,” Dr. Ueyama said.

“If such a situation were to arise, it could even mean a Tokyo Olympic strain of the virus being named in this way, which would be a huge tragedy and something which would be the target of criticism, even for 100 years.”

Moreover, the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) playbooks that contain the rules at the games for athletes, staff, media, and others were questioned by the publication named New England Journal of Medicine.

“The IOC’s Playbooks are not built on scientifically rigorous risk assessment, and they fail to consider the ways in which exposure occurs, the factors that contribute to exposure, and which participants may be at highest risk,” the publication wrote.

Nonetheless, the IOC had promised to hold a ‘safe and secure’ summer games vowing to go ahead under strict virus-prevention measures.

“Such a decision [to hold the Olympics] is not something to be made only by the IOC or only by the one host country…I don’t think they should go ahead while pushing many people into danger or calling on many people to make sacrifices in regard to their lives in order for them to take place,” Ueyama propounded.

“It is dangerous to hold the Olympic Games here in Tokyo.”