/ 25 September 2023

VICE President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte called on education leaders to embrace new technologies to improve the learning landscape.

“We now live in an era where undeniably, technology must be harnessed to improve access, quality and equality in education,” Duterte said at the Global Education and Innovation Summit in Seoul, South Korea on Thursday.

“The advent of artificial intelligence will certainly create another paradigm shift in education. While this possibility will present newer and greater opportunities, it will also present many uncertainties in our vision of digital education,” she added.

However, Duterte highlighted that critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity should be considered before using technology.

She emphasized the need to be responsive to the effects of technology on educational systems.

Duterte said that adaptability and sustainability of new technology in education systems must be studied by the end users before its implementation.

“I believe this is the reason why we are all gathered here today. Let us take this opportunity to reshape education in our respective countries in order to provide our learners the all-important opportunity of reaching their full potential,” she added.

Duterte is the current Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Council president.