/ 19 September 2020

THE TECHNOLOGICAL  University of the Philippines University Student Government denounced the alleged fake consultation for the revision of the Student Handbook.

The student body said only student regent Aljon Conde was allowed during the virtual consultation last September 16.

“All the other concerned students were left outside the meeting room seeing only what was being discussed but were not allowed for verbal interpellations,” it added.

The TUP-USG said that the director of the Office of Student Affairs told the other student representatives to watch the replay of the forum and to send their questions through email.

The student body claimed that the outgoing officers of the council, Allona Jade Nadera and Angelo Cocharo, were denied access to the meeting room because they’ve challenged the policies of the university administration.

The group said that the university cannot claim to have had a student handbook revision if only four student leaders were allowed to participate out of the 17 members of the council.

“The Committee on Student Handbook Revision was strategically created by President Jesus Rodrigo Torres to push through with his agenda to impose unreasonable ways of disciplining, compromising the rights and welfare of students,” the TUP-USG said.

The group has also called for a dialogue with Torres to discuss the policies on the Revised Student Handbook.

“We strongly call for the administration to hear the petition of the students and do not turn a blind eye on our real situation and struggles during this pandemic,” the student body said.