/ 14 January 2021

RESIDENTS of Pasay and Makati now have their own Technical Education and Skills Development Authority training and assessment center.

The PasMak center, located in the TESDA complex, was launched by Director General Isidro Lapeña on Monday.

He was joined by TESDA Deputy Director General for Operations Lina Sarmiento, TESDA-National Capital Region Director Florencio Sunico, Jr., and TESDA scholars.

“Before, our TESDA scholars from Pasay and Makati go to MunTiParLasTaPat District Office when they are enrolling for training. So, it is just appropriate that the PasMak District Office has its own training and assessment center,” Lapeña said.

He added that all TESDA regional, provincial, and district offices need a training arm.

“We have to act immediately when disasters occur in our areas and identify what appropriate services we can provide the calamity-affected residents,” Lapeña explained.

Orozco said that the PasMak center offers various training programs such as  Domestic Works NC II, Barangay Health Services NC II, Contact Tracing NC II, Driving NC II, Produce Organic Vegetables leading to Organic Agriculture Production NC II, Produce Organic Fertilizer leading to Organic Agriculture Production NC II, and Produce Concoctions and Extracts Organic Agriculture Production NC II.

These courses may later be expanded to include Masonry NC I and NC II, Carpentry NC II, Tile Setting NC II, Electrical Installation and Maintenance

The center also offers competency assessment for Domestic Works NC II and Barangay Health Services NC II.

The center can cater to scholars who are not from Pasay and Makati.