/ 24 September 2021

MAGDALO Partylist Rep.  Manuel Cabochan III pushed a bill that aims to provide continuous technology use and utilization training for public school elementary and high school teachers.

Cabochan filed House Bill 10236 or the proposed Teachers’ Tech-Training Act seeking to institute a continuous training program for public elementary and high school teachers on the use of technologies such as computer programs, tools, software, and other applications.

“As much as possible, the conduct of trainings shall be done during workdays, and if not amenable, due compensation shall be given,” Cabochan said in his explanatory note.

He explained that since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, schools have been closed.

“The facilitation of online classes, however, has become difficult for many teachers especially for the older ones. Some are not familiar and knowledgeable with the use of desktop computers, laptops, and tablet computers,” Cabochan said.

Under the measure, the technology training for public school teachers shall be categorized in terms of the user’s proficiency level.

The trainings will be categorized as Basic or Beginner’s Level for teachers who have seldom or never used technology in the majority years of service; Intermediate Level for teachers who are aware of but are not proficient in using recent technologies; and Advance Level for teachers who are more adept in the use of recent technologies.

Additional levels may be instituted as necessary and additional courses and topic-specific seminars may also be offered which shall be open to all public school teachers who are interested on learning the specific subject matter.