Letters of Youth


/ 25 August 2021

The pandemic came as a surprise to most of us. When I finally realized how much it’s going to change our normal lives, we were already under a lockdown. As we continue to spend most of our time as students at home for school, it made me reflect on something that I consider as one of the biggest learning that I gained during this pandemic. It is the fact that no moments shall be taken for granted.

I still remember how I happily went home after our school announced a class suspension. As a student, one of the things that we look forward to is being able to finish the day and finally rest.

But then, who would’ve thought that it was actually the last time where we get to spend moments inside the four walls of our classroom, laugh with our classmates, wear our complete school uniform in the pillars of the campus, be with our friends and create irreplaceable memories.

Who would’ve thought that we would get to miss the days where we practice stressful class performances, do reporting and even showcase the inner dancer, singer, artist and actor within us.

Most of all, remember those nerve wracking moments? Like the time where your name gets called during a class recitation or when you nervously stand in front of the class to speak and deliver a poem. That time when the results of your examinations are out and you pray that you get a decent score or when you had a surprise test that you didn’t study for.

Our situation is very different now. However, we should still look at the positive side and appreciate the gift of education despite these trying times. Even though we wake up every morning to face our gadget or modules, continue working hard for your dreams. Together, let us reach our puhons in life and hopefully, this crisis will pass and we will get to go back to how it used to be.

How about you? What was your life as a student before the lockdown?