/ 27 February 2022

THE SINILOAN Integrated National High School in Laguna province is the first school in the country to erect a peace monument — a marker that serves as a reminder to promote sustainable peace and bolster peace education.

The monument, erected on February 21, is a project of international non-government organization Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light, which partnered with various schools, organizations and communities in the Philippines to propagate their advocacy.

John Rommel Garces, chief manager of HWPL Philippines, said the peace monument will serve as a reminder to students that they play a role in achieving peace.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cecilia Castillo, SINHS principal, reminded teachers and the school staff to be a good role model for their students.

“As the teachers, principals, and staff, we must serve as the role model in promoting justice and love, educating our students to be kind-hearted, caring, responsible, and peace-loving citizens,” she said.

The unveiling of the monument was part of the celebration of the annual HWPL Peace Day celebration on Feb. 24, 2022.

Representatives of HWPL and the Department of Education Laguna- Siniloan District signed a Memorandum of Understanding for peace education.

Part of the partnership is the conduct of a peace education training in 11 schools in Siniloan from February 22 to 23. It also includes the full implementation of peace education in the next academic year.

Dr. Ronald L. Adamat, commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education, said that he plans to establish peace monuments in all the 25 state universities under his charge, as well as convince the Commission on Higher Education to do the same in all state universities and colleges.