Student Vox


/ 1 December 2021

The Philippines has long been a feature of electoral issues, in which politicians are held accountable for their acts and are obliged to implement policies that are reflective of and responsive to public opinion through the mechanism of elections. However, Filipino people are continuously suffering from the prevarication of public officials that promise for their adequate help and support for the people yet in the fumes of their silhouette stained-persona – lies the plethora of societal upheavals and chaos. However, this does not imply that we must all suffer through the agony of each election because there is still a ray of hope if we can only restore our youth sector for the future enrichment of our country.

Elections have been critical in the growth of representative democracy in the Philippines. However, election administration and performance have consistently fallen short of the two primary functions of electoral systems: representation and integration. Yet in a clear case, problems have been coalescing into a hodgepodge of insurmountable issues that further exacerbated the lives of the Filipino. As a result, nothing has changed except for those with a good reputation, a broad vision for our country, and the loyalty and commitment to serve the people.

Our country’s issues are numerous and serious. Such as the dispute of foreign power who has violated our territorial integrity. Injustice on a social level. Inequities in the economy. Poverty and unemployment are widespread. The health-care system is insufficient. Massive killings and abuses of human rights. Poor quality education. And now comes the pandemic’s devastation. All of these things are the root causes of having the ignorance of voting and lack of political understanding. But behind these things, there can only be one sector that can help transforming our nation to become progressive and well-developed – it is the youth sector.

The combined votes of young people will be a significant component of democratic governance. As a result, it is vital that we listen to our youth, encourage and develop their critical thinking about national issues, and remind and educate them about their right to vote. The truth is that today’s youth are more interested in issues affecting their lives than ever before, and they are more willing to change than ever before. Nonetheless, voting will give people the most power to affect this.

According to Commission on Elections (Comelec), 40 million Filipinos between the ages of 18 and 35 will be able to vote in the year 2022. As a result, youth voting is critical in this upcoming election because it contributes to the purpose of changing the nation in a way that is fundamental to our democracy and guaranteed by our Constitution. That is why, registering and voting is also a way to give back to our community.

Furthermore, young voting has the potential to help in the fight against electoral fraud. Youth can enhance the number of votes cast meaningfully and properly by having the vote counted and not participating in vote-buying and -selling. Thus, as a youth, we will feel invested in our country’s future as a result of voting, knowing that we had a hand in determining it. While we do not believe that only voters have a say in our society, we do believe that we may use moral capital to hold our leaders responsible for their commitments, particularly those for whom we voted.

When it comes to elections, it is believed that young people are a powerful force. Because the Philippines is becoming a younger country, the youth are more change-oriented, and their idealistic perspectives aid in decision-making. Through the vote of youth, it maximizes the promises of our electoral system. Young people deserve critical education to be more discerning of politicians and more discriminating of the information they receive. They can turn this awareness into action by voting.

We need a leader who will re-calibrate the nation’s ethical and moral compass, as well as work to heal strained relationships at home and abroad, all while appropriately representing the country and the diversity that makes it up on the global stage. If we want our democracy to survive, we must all work together to ensure fair and transparent elections in 2022. We require presidential, provincial, and local candidates who will not pretend to be outraged. We want to hear soothing words from political candidates who can convey a message of hope, not despair; optimism, not cynicism; and candor, not deception.

Ergo, elections give the people the power to remove or reject rapacious leaders who will defraud their helpless countrymen. My fellow youngsters, now is the time for us to unite together and prove that we are the hope of this wounded and dying country. Together, for the better Philippines, we shall vote!