/ 14 September 2023

SENATOR Alan Peter Cayetano on Wednesday urged the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to come out with a presentation on how much budget the government should allocate for each student and the quality of education they could get.

During the budget hearing of the Finance Subcommittee G on TESDA’s P15.2 billion proposed budget for 2024, Cayetano said he wanted a specific presentation for junior and senior high school students and out-of-school youth.

“If you really spend more budget per capita on that student, the quality of education that he will get, it all makes a big difference,” Cayetano said.

“I want to see at the end of the budget hearing how many are out-of-school youths, how many are the targets and how much per capita will we put on them, so that at the end of the Marcos administration, we can look back and say, did we meet our target,” he added.

Meanwhile, Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda urged TESDA to continue extending assistance to Filipino retirees by developing programs and courses that will help them upskill and remain productive.

She said she plans to file a measure creating lifelong institutes in state universities and colleges for Filipino retirees.

“TESDA has led the way in equipping individuals, advancing local communities, and driving economic growth through quality technical education and vocational training. Having seen the transformative power of proper skills training firsthand, I have consistently supported efforts providing greater opportunities and empowering Filipinos through skill-based education and sustainable livelihood programs,” Legarda said.