/ 15 May 2024

THE SENATE Committees on Higher Technical and Vocational Education, Ways and Means, and Finance have approved a measure strengthening the Polytechnic University of the Philippines as the National Polytechnic University.

Senate Bill 2669, in substitution of Senate Bill Numbers 2448 and 2495 or the proposed Revised Charter of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines aims to repeal Presidential Decree Number 1341.

Based on the measure, the PUP shall be strengthened as a national polytechnic university to enhance its capacity to provide accessible quality education, to develop the competencies and specialization of its constituent units, to adopt conventional or alternative instructional methodologies, and to foster a unique and distinctive academic leadership in the development and delivery of higher education services in the Philippines.

As a national polytechnic university, PUP shall adopt a polytechnic program of education designed to provide the individuals with employable skills and managerial knowledge to bolster their creativity, productivity and self-reliance.

The measure also states that the PUP shall also provide advanced education, higher technological, professional courses and training programs in accountancy, engineering and architecture, applied sciences, law, education, interior design, psychology, business and management, among other disciplines, and promote applied research, advance studies, and progressive leadership in the stated fields.

The bill also mandates the PUP to provide scholarship programs and other affirmative action programs to assists poor but deserving students who qualify for admission to PUP.