/ 20 October 2020

THE DEPARTMENT of Environment and Natural Resources and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines partnered to promote protection and conservation of the environment among students.

Under the agreement, the university will search for students qualified to become champions or ambassadors of the environment.

They will be trained on the information, education and communication campaigns of the DENR.

As part of the agreement, DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu turned over 100 tablets to PUP President Manuel Muhi to be distributed to the environment and natural resources ambassadors.

These ‘green’ ambassadors will teach other students environmental issues including pollution, resource degradation and climate change. They will also be tasked to mobilize the youth in the cleanup, rehabilitation and protection of Manila Bay.

“We will be working together, and with the ENR ambassadors, you can help us in our main effort which is to clean up Manila Bay by cleaning the esteros and rivers that flow into it,” Cimatu said.

The department will also provide appropriate resources to be used by the ambassadors in their environmental advocacies and to expedite their communication and coordination with the agency.

The ENR ambassador initiative is a pet project of DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda.

“These ENR ambassadors will serve as our effective partners and force multipliers in changing the behavior of the people towards environmental stewardship,” Antiporda said.

Antiporda also turned over 100 units of pocket WiFi to the university to help students in distance learning.

“By supporting their education, we can harness their skills and transform them into effective environmental educators and champions,” he said.