/ 15 March 2022

SENATOR Richard Gordon confirmed that the Philippine Red Cross started vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 years old against Covid19.

Gordon said that the Department of Health has provided the PRC Logistics and Multipurpose Center with 3,000 doses of reformulated Pfizer for children.

On PRC’s first day of vaccination, 50 children were inoculated.

The PRC also administered first dose of the vaccine to 650 children in its four Bakuna Centers in Zamboanga, Pangasinan CB Mall, and Tarlac City Walk Mall.

The agency aims to vaccinate 1,500 children with Pfizer vaccine.

“Napakaimportante na hindi natin mapabayaan ang ating mga kabataan edad 5 hanggang 11 ngayong mayroon pa rin pandemic. Kahit na bumababa na ang kaso sa ating bansa, kung walang bakuna ang mga bata, napakedelikado nito. Children who will be infected with Covid will get very sick from it and have both short and long-term health complications,” Gordon said.

He added that the PRC continues to deploy its fleet of Bakuna Buses and operate its Bakuna Centers to help the national government as it ramps up the vaccination efforts to protect unvaccinated individuals especially the most vulnerable.

Since March 2021, when PRC started its vaccination program, the humanitarian organization has administered 1,020,230 doses of Covid19 vaccines through the 17 Bakuna Buses, 26 Bakuna centers and Bakuna teams to help local government units to hasten the vaccination efforts and protect the people from the virus.