/ 24 May 2021

THE PHILIPPINE National Police recently held an online symposium that aims to entice new graduates to become part of the police force.

The National Police Commission said that 17,134 slots are available this year.

The symposium, held on May 21, was attended by 49 deans and presidents of College of Criminology and Arts and Sciences headed by Fr. Ranhilio Aquino of the Cagayan State University and Dean Gerry Caño of the College of Criminal Justice Education.

The virtual event served as a career guidance forum for the graduates of the participating colleges and universities.

During the event, PNP chief Guillermo Eleazar said that only the best will be recruited to serve the Filipino people.

Eleazar said that the introduction of the QR Code System in the recruitment process will  eradicate the “padrino” system which hindered the hiring of deserving and qualified applicants.