/ 24 September 2022

THE PHILIPPINE Business for Education is optimistic that the government will equip the youth with the proper skills to become productive members of society.

“We support the administration’s push to provide learners with the right skills training needed to enter the workforce. With the changing economic landscape, it is imperative that the country’s workforce are not only educated but also skilled and trained for the changing economy,” PBEd’s Executive Director Lovelaine Basillote said.

“The government must work closely with the private sector in order to come up with scalable policies and programs geared toward building a generation of Filipinos with higher learning outcomes, and accelerating economic growth,” Basillote said.

The Philippine Statistics Authority’s July 2022 Labor Force Survey showed that youth unemployment rate was at 11.9 percent, lower than the 15.9 percent in July 2021 and 12.3 percent in April 2022.

“The right mix of education and training is key to continue the downward trend in youth unemployment. Investing in human capital will create limitless potential for the country,” Basillote stressed.

President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. said that the Philippines’ best asset is its workforce. He added that his administration is focused on improving the country’s education system and investing in the youth by giving them the proper training.

PBEd has been at the forefront in pushing for broader private-sector participation in the education and training of young workers.

The group’s workforce development programs engage industry, academe, government and other education and employment stakeholders to improve human capital development in the country, especially those who have limited opportunities for upskilling and gainful employment.