/ 11 June 2021

MORE than 8,000 private schools have partnered with Globe for connectivity and other internet services for students, teachers and school administrators.

The telecom company gave assurances that teachers and school staff will be able to carry out their tasks through “fast and secure” internet access and a wide range of connectivity plans and devices to choose from as another school year starts.

Senior Advisor of Globe myBusiness Derrick Heng said that the digital divide continues to be felt in the education sector where, despite the high internet usage, “there is still unequal access to services that are delivered online.”

“There are also gaps in digital literacy and content. Globe strives to fill in these gaps so we can paint a better future for our schools and learners,” he added.

In 2020, Globe launched E-Skwela, its e-learning series where more than 670,000 teachers, students and professionals have so far benefited from.

The telco wanted to help schools transform digitally, provide 21st century learning to teachers and students through connectivity, education solutions and curated content.