/ 20 February 2021

THREE members of the House of Representatives filed a measure that aims to institutionalize the alternative learning modes in the K-12 Basic Education System.

Representatives Lorenz Defensor, Michael Gorriceta and Francisco Benitez filed House Bill 8680 or the proposed Alternative Delivery Modes Act.

“This measure will institutionalize alternative learning delivery modes using digital technology such as blended learning, distance learning, and homeschooling in the K-12 education syste, in lieu or in addition to face-to-face modality, to make education responsive to the present needs and circumstances of learners, schools and communities,” they said in their explanatory note.

House Bill 8680 mandates the establishment of the Alternative Learning Management Council to ensure harmonized alternative learning delivery modes.

The council will strengthen the structural capability and control mechanism for the effective delivery of learning modes at a larger scale.

The Department of Education shall adopt and institutionalize Alternative Learning Modes including Asynchronous, Blended or hybrid learning, Distance Learning, Homeschooling, Modified hybrid, Modular distance learning, Online distance learning and Television and radio-based instructions.

The DepEd shall also formulate, plan, and conduct capacity building workshops for teachers.

“Amidst this crisis, when the health and welfare of every individual are of primodial concern, the adoption of alternative learning delivery modes is necessary to balance the right to quality education and the health of the people,” the lawmakers said.