/ 3 April 2022

SENATOR Christopher ‘Bong’ Go underscored the importance of empowering the youth by giving them better access to quality education.

Go stressed the crucial role of today’s youth  in nation-building and the correlative obligation of the government in supporting them.

“As we all know, the youth uphold our future as they have the potential to change the country for the better. That is why it is always important that we, your public servants, should be able to support the youth sector in the best way we can,” Go remarked.

“The more we empower our youth, the brighter the future would be for our nation.”

The senator reaffirmed his commitment to provide Filipino youth improved access to quality education to better equip them as contributing members of the society.

“Youth is a phase of life that shapes your personality and it gives you endless possibilities to explore your individuality as you walk towards adulthood,” Go noted.

Go is one of the co-authors of Republic Act No. 11510, or the Alternative Learning System Act of 2021 that improves the delivery of basic education to the underrepresented and disadvantaged students.

The ALS Law provides students with specialized programs and alternative education approaches not available under the formal learning system.

The senator also co-authored RA 11650 which institutes services and programs for learners with disabilities in support of inclusive education.

The law aims to enhance the quality of education in the formal learning sector by providing free support services as well as programs that are tailored to the needs of differently-abled learners.

“As your partner in the Senate, I will always be an advocate for the youth and I will continue to support programs and initiatives that would benefit the youth sector,” vowed Go.