Defy+, a youth-serving, volunteerism-based organization in Oriental Mindoro is holding its online workshop series for a cause, "BRIGADA: Singkwenty para sa Katutubong Mindoreño" to help its beneficiary schools and some 300 Mangyan students and to ensure that learning continues despite the pandemic.

12 September 2020

Undoubtedly, this pandemic has greatly disrupted our educational system. It has affected educational opportunities for the Filipino youth and the capital city is no exception. But if this is the current situation in the metro, there is more reason to believe that the new normal has made it even harder for students in far-flung areas to have equal access to education.

In Oriental Mindoro, Defy +, a volunteerism based organization aims to extend compassion and support marginalized sectors in its area. It has initiated efforts to promote active citizenship, education, environment, health, governance, as well as social inclusion and equity – the core advocacies provided in the Philippine Youth Development Plan.

The youth-serving organization envisions proactive and well-rounded Mindoreño youth actively working towards social justice.

Brief History about Defy +

 Defy+ is an organization composed of devoted volunteer individuals based in Oriental Mindoro. It was founded on January 13, 2020 as a youth-led donation drive known as #BangonBatangas in response to the damage caused by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Taal.











Its name, Defy +, came from the idea that in solidarity and collaborative spirit of Mindoreño youth, there is always a way to overcome the hindrances and accomplish its mission in reaching out to the underprivileged areas of its community while making creative activism and promoting inter-generational responsibility.















The Project – “BRIGADA: Singkwenty para sa Katutubong Mindoreño”

In preparation for the coming year, Defy + will be holding “BRIGADA: Singkwenty para sa Katutubong Mindoreño” in cooperation with the Oriental Mindoro-Provincial Youth Development Council. This initiative aims to ensure that learning continues even during these hard times.

The project is an ongoing online workshop series for a cause that will run until September 18, 2020.

Project BRIGADA targets to gather P30,000 which will be used to provide learning kits and boxes of bond papers for module learning, for the benefit of students in Apnagan Elementary School,  Malo Elementary School, and  Bato Elementary School. These kits will also help 300 Mangyan students in-need.
















The Event Flow:

Photoshop Workshop

September 12, 2020

4:00 – 6:00 pm via Zoom

In this workshop, Ms. Alodia Rabina, Digital Marketing Associate in one of the prominent fitness brands in the Philippines, will give an introduction to Photoshop’s technical side, its interface and some bonus tips on how to use each tool effectively.

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Photography Workshop

September 13, 2020

4:00 – 6:00 pm via Zoom

Lessons on the basics of photography and pro tips on how to capture powerful moments will be discussed by Ms. Lee Espiritu, a photographer and student from the National University. She is also the Secretary-General of DEFY +.

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Round Table Discussion: What’s the Duck Doing in Here?

September 13, 2020

8:00 – 9:00 pm via Zoom

Connect and recollect with Mr. Reydon Venal in this round table discussion about finding peace, the practice of self-love, the intense craving for growth, and more topics on self-reflection. Mr. Venal is the winner of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFFX) Photography Competition. He has worked on a wide range of creative disciplines and has collaborated with several brands.

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All workshops have a registration fee of P50.00. Participants may also donate additional amounts higher than the registration fee. Workshops are also conducted via Zoom app. E-certificates will be given out after completing the whole workshop.

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